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‚ÄčIn 2018, the Board of Directors decided it was time to begin giving back.  Although long overdue, thanks needed to be given to those individuals that have selflessly given so much of themselves to help our lacrosse program succeed.  Our program is built on volunteers with passion for the sport of lacrosse, but most importantly,  passion to develop the Desert Mountain Wolves Lacrosse Club into a place where young men can learn the sport and be surrounded by individuals that want them to suceed.  

We are fortunate to have many fantastic people that have been part of this amazing process through the years.  Join us in thanking those that continue to make Wolves Lacrosse one of the best high school lacrosse programs in the state of Arizona!


2020 Hall of Fame Inductee:  Katherine Wolfley




2019 Hall of Fame Inductee:  Bill Stevens

















2018 Hall of Fame  Inductee:  Emmett Mitchell