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In 2017, the club President, David Bienz, began a new tradition at Desert Mountain, with the institution of the Red Bandana Award.  This award was named in honor of a Boston College Lacrosse player named Wells Crowther.  Wells was also an American equities trader and volunteer firefighter known for saving as many as 18 lives during the September 11 attacks in New York City, during which he lost his own life. 


When Welles was six years old, his father gave him a red bandana that would become Crowther's trademark… one that Crowther would wear under all of his sports uniforms in high school. Lacrosse was his favorite sport and played for Boston College.  Upon graduation, he began working in New York City.  On that tragic day, Wells became the ultimate team player and used his red bandana to cover his nose and mouth so he could breathe easier.  He began helping others and carried as many as 18 people out of the burning building.  Each time, going back in to save someone else.


The Wolves program honors Welles by giving out red bandanas throughout the season for players that exemplify the true character of Welles.  These are never performance driven, but given to the players that put their teammates first, that offer to help the coaches set up and put away goals, that are always prepared, present a positive team attitude, and go the extra mile.  These are the players that you look to first as being outstanding young men driven by heart, passion, and team success.


The following players have exemplified these character traits through their lacrosse season and have earned the respect of their teammates, the coaches, and the Board. These are the young men that any parent would be proud to call “son” and any player to call “teammate.”


Welles Crowther (May 17, 1977 – September 11, 2001)


2017 President’s Award Winner

Senior Connor Bunce #57 Midfielder


2018 President’s Award Winner

Junior Eric Miller #93 Defense


2019 President’s Award Winner

8th Grader Cole Isaacson #47 Midfielder