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     The Desert Mountain Lacrosse Club will abide by the following refund policy.  
     All refund requests must be submitted in writing or email to our board treasurer or president. (see board contacts on top of web page).  There will be absolutely no refund of the "non-refundable" deposit.  There will be no refunds issued after the beginning of full practices even for injuries. (see exceptions below) An injured player is still part of the team and is expected to partake in team activities and games as much as physically possible throughout the remainder of the season.
 If partial payment or payment in full is made, a request for a refund may be made prior to the date full practices begin. The amount of any refund will be calculated by deducting from the amount paid by the player, the amount made from sales of business ads plus any direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the club, plus the non refundable deposit.  The clubs out of pocket expenses that may be deducted could include items such as:
  • Practice Uniforms
  • Game Uniforms
  • Team registration fees
  • Any outstanding balance for equipment
 These fees have to be paid well prior to full practices beginning which is the reason for the deductions. 

Injury refunds will be reviewed by the board on an individual basis.  If a player receives a season ending injury after full practices begin and prior to the beginning of regular season games the board will consider a refund request (based on a pro rated time frame)not to exceed more than 50% of the fees paid calculated as discussed in the prior paragraph. After regular season games begin there will be no refunds for any injuries. All season ending injuries must be substantiated by physicians note.

NO REFUNDS will be issued if a player decides to quit for personal reasons including but not limited to:
     1) School work
     2) Family relocation
     3) Conflicts with other sports
NO REFUNDS will be issued if a player is suspended from the team for conduct reasons regardless of when the suspension takes place.